• Do you do windows? Or sliding doors? Or skylights? Or storefronts?
    Sorry, we do not. Here are some good, local recommendations for companies who do.

    Window Replacement/Repair:
    Clear Window Restoration (West Linn):  (503) 653-4013
    Chosen Wood Windows (Canby):  (503) 266-3830
    Joe’s Glass (Portland):  (503) 408-4444

    New Windows/Sliding door components:
    Cascade Windows (Tualatin):  (800) 442-8544

    Willamette Glass (Portland):  (503) 655-2630

    Auto Glass:
    Pro Glass (Oregon City):  (503) 989-4527

  • What’s the difference between annealed and tempered glass?
    Tempered glass is annealed glass that has been heated to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit and then cooled rapidly. This makes the glass 4 times as strong as ordinary annealed glass and, when broken, causes it to break into smaller, safer pieces. Note that tempered glass must be cut before it is tempered. Once it is tempered, it can’t be modified.

    It is generally required by code that any glass products in a bathroom with the exception of mirrors must be tempered for safety.

  • I have a piece of glass, can you cut it for me?
    Sure. Cutting annealed (non-tempered, non-safety) glass is $10 per square cut. We’re glass experts, but glass is still a temperamental material and we can’t guarantee that it’ll be un-broken or un-damaged. Drop by our showroom and we can take a closer look at your project and give you our best opinion.