• Can you install a shower enclosure that I bought somewhere else?
    In order to control the standard of our installation practices, we only install showers that we measure and order.

  • Can you repair my shower for me?
    If we installed it, we would be happy to come take a look at it. Unfortunately, we are unable to repair showers that we did not install due to limited time and resources.

  • Why do I have to wait for you to install my shower?
    We measure each enclosure so that each piece of glass is exactly made to fit your space. House walls are generally not plumb and square, and we want to guarantee you an exceptional fit.  We do not carry any “ready-to-install” shower units. Everything is custom-ordered and therefore may take several weeks to be fabricated and delivered to our facility.

  • Do you sell bi-fold shower doors?
    No, we do not sell or install them.

  • Can I take a shower right away after you install it?
    Please wait 24 hours for the silicone sealant we use to completely dry.

  • Will my shower leak after you install it?
    Unfortunately, heavy glass (3/8” or 1/2") showers are not water tight. We install using the smallest gaps in the industry, but they still exist. Some water may get through them while you are showering. We may be able to reduce the amount of water leakage with seals and adjustments. Please note that spraying down your glass shower walls with a hand-held sprayer or other similar device will guarantee water leakage.

  • What does the glass coating protect the glass from?
    The optional glass coating is meant to make the glass more resistant to water spotting, and make it easier to remove water spots if they do occur. It does not provide any other damage protection. Please see our Glass Coating page for additional efficacy and cleaning information.

  • If I get the glass coating on my shower, does that mean I don’t have to clean or squeegee it?
    No. You should still be squeegeeing after every shower. The glass coating doesn’t universally prevent water spotting, it helps prevent it and make it easier to clean any spotting off. Also, like the rest of your bathroom,  your shower still needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Here is a good list of cleaning supplies to use.

  • What’s the expected life of a shower enclosure?
    The lifetime of a shower enclosure, either semi-framed or frameless, depends on a lot of different factors, including, but not limited to: frequency of use, how often it’s cleaned, the configuration and type of shower, and if basic servicing has been performed on a regular basis. Essentially, the better you treat your shower, the longer it will last.

  • Can I hinge a door off a piece of glass?
    You can, but you will need a support bar or a header to stabilize and prevent the panel from bending or torquing.
  •  I want my shower walls to go to the ceiling. Can you do that?

    Yes, we can definitely install panels to the ceiling. We will need proper backing and support to clip the panel to the ceiling. At our measure/consultation, we’re happy to discuss what support is necessary.

    Please note that we do not recommend installing a door to the ceiling. It’s important to have good ventilation in your shower.

  • Can you install a steam shower for me?
    We definitely install steam showers. To prevent molding or other water issues, it’s important to tile your ceiling or install a fan inside your shower. For more information, please discuss with your estimator when they come to measure your enclosure.