We Measure

When it comes to installing glass, every millimeter matters, which is why we take exact measurements for every project. Every shower, mirror or glass element is precisely measured to fit your space and your space alone.

The minor adjustments we make may be unrecognizable to your eye, but make all the difference in the aesthetic, functionality and longevity of your project.

Before measuring for a shower enclosure, the tile in your project must be completed. If you have any other questions on timing or measurements, please contact us.

We Quote

All estimates are free of cost and obligation. You can count on us to stay on budget. We don’t attach hidden charges or surprises to our invoices. Barring any changes, your invoice will match our initial quote. If there are any changes between quote and installation, we are happy to update the quote to give you a better idea of current pricing.

Because we know how important your time is, we promise to send your estimate within two business days of your measurement appointment.

Also, please review our Project Guidelines for important information regarding your shower enclosure project.

We Install

Our installers pride themselves on some of the narrowest gaps in the industry. Their experience and precision combines to create a finished product of exceptional quality.

 It takes time for your custom-cut glass or other materials to be created and delivered. Please contact us for a current estimate on time.

All DT Glass work is under warranty, which means you can count on us to take care of any unforeseen problems, even after your installation is complete. Please see our Warranty page for details.

For additional information on caring for your shower after it’s installed, please see Shower Care.