Your shower enclosure is comprised of high quality heavy glass tempered for strength and safety and hardware made from durable, molded stainless steel, brass or aluminum. With the proper care, your shower should stay beautiful and functional for many years to come.

However, if there is ever an issue, we offer the following warranties, effective from the date of installation:

Shower Hardware: 3 Years
Hardware warranty is for functionality of the hardware – not appearance.

Shower Glass: 10 Years
Warranty is a guarantee that the glass is free of foreign materials that could cause the glass to destabilize.

Shower Installation: Lifetime
DT Glass will provide adjustment and service for the life of your shower enclosure.

Not Covered Under Warranty: Silicone sealant has a typical lifespan of 3 to 5 years and is not covered under warranty.

Resealing is a maintenance item and is not covered under warranty.

Normal wear and tear, scratches, and glass not cared for is not covered under warranty.

There are no other warranties expressed or implied and the manufacturer will not be responsible for consequential damages arising as a result of defects or repair work.

After inspection, DT Glass, Inc. will determine the appropriate repairs to be performed. Cost for any materials or labor outside of warranty coverage may still be homeowner’s responsibility.

Please retain all documentation as proof of your warranty. Your invoice or contractor-provided project paperwork is your proof of purchase. To make a claim under the provisions of the warranty, please contact DT Glass, Inc.

Download your Warranty